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Sit Less, Stand More to Increase Productivity, Improve Health, Lose Weight, and Feel Better

Increased Productivity

With a height-adjustable nograomic desk, workers are more productive in several ways, firstly, with an ergonomic employees can take fewer breaks as they can move around while they are still working. Second, when you switch between sitting and standing with an adjustable desk, you increase your metabolism, circulation, and energy.

Improve your health

Sitting for hours can mean you increase your chances of developing cardiovascular and circulatory problems over your “standing peers” - and studies show the negative effects of sitting are not counteracted by even frequent exercise. The more we sit, the more we are at risk for various cancers, obesity, and even diabetes.

Loose weight

Plus, the potential for weight gain is huge for workers who sit all day long. Using adjustable desks, the same people burn about 290 more calories per day, which can add up over the course of weeks or months.

Feel better

Prolonged periods of sitting behind a desk can cause numerous problems, including back pain, neck and shoulder pain, leg cramps, sciatica, headaches, and vision problems. An ergonomic desk can help you, or your employees feel better, and when they feel better, they are more productive.

Electric Adjustable Height Desks

It is simply a matter of holding your finger on a button and adjusting the desk to your preferred height in just a few seconds. Our ergonomic desks are extremely easy to use with optional controllers that allow you to preset specific heights, ideal for desks that are used by more than one person throughout the day.

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Manual Height Adjustalbe Desks

Manual adjustable desks are based on a user-operated crank mechanism, located at one corner of either the left or right side (your choice). The crank moves the desk up and down at a speed of about 3 cm per turn, and adjustments from sitting to standing take under 15 seconds. Manual adjustable desk models are our most popular type of desk as they are more affordable than our electric versions but still offer all the same benifits.

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