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Patio and outdoor tables for Hotels Cafes and Restaurants

Here in Colombia, the weather is often nice and sunny so it's no wonder that most restaurants have outside dinning areas where guests can enjoy great food in the open air. Because of these outdoor conditions, patio and outdoor dining furniture must be designed to withstand rainy weather and the harsh ultraviolet light that beats down on the furniture on a daily basis.

When seeking to create the perfect outdoor dining area, it's important to make sure your patio and outdoor dinning furniture is built to withstand the elements, must be durable to withstand constant use, while at the same time complimenting your restaurants design and theme.

Browse through our patio and bistro tables, then take a look at our outdoor patio chairs to create the perfect look for your patio dining experience.

Indoor Patio Tables

Outdoor Patio Tables

We use only genuine Formica® for all of our laminate surfaces.

Surface Options: Solids


Surface Options: Wood Patterns


Surface Options:: Metal